Holy Places and Saints of Montenegro

Not long after the break-up of the Christianity, between 12th and 13th century, under the influence of the Serbian dynasty Nemanich, Orthodoxy spreads through the Montenegro. Orthodox believers, which constitute 72% of population of Montenegro, highly honor the cult of saints, some of which are more famous than others. They have shared the faith and temptations with the people of this small country. You can get to know some of them here.

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Montenegrin national costume: one of the most beautiful in Europe!

Montenegrin female costume
Me in a national costume

Wow! This is always the first reaction of people when they see our tall men and women dancing in beautiful national costumes. I have noticed their admiration, traveling around the world as member of local folklore group. This is not surprising, having in mind that our national costume is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most expensive in Europe.

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