Two guides, one town: Kolašin

I believe you will want to meet my colleague Ivan. I remember the first time we met: it was at the time he was working as a guide at the Botanic garden. I was fascinated not only by his great botanical knowledge, but also by the way he took us to a whole new world. It was as if the plants were telling us their own amazing stories.

Since then we are not only colleagues, but friends as well. I will let him take you on a tour through his town and his world. Most of the photos that you can see in this text were taken with his camera and given a personal touch by our host. Enjoy!

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Bar – the city where the olive trees tell their stories…

“It’s been a long time, but I still remember it well…” an old olive tree begins its story,”when there was not so many people around me, not so many curious tourists, only a hardworking hand here and there, one of which gave me life…”

“I’ve been told  you are 2,240 years old. Is that right?”I ask.

“Well,ladies are not to be asked about their age, especially when they’re as old as I am. But let’s say it’s true. I think some Greek planted me, I would say so by the sound of his name. It was a long time ago. I remember a lot, but I have also forgotten a lot.”

“You said well, you remember all the ups and downs of this region, all the touching stories … Can you share some of them with me?”

“I would be glad to. I’m not in a hurry anyway.”

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7 interesting places to discover in Budva

“The queen of the Mediterranean”, situated on a perfect spot in the Adriatic, Budva has always been inspiration for artists and attraction for tourists. It sometimes reminds me of a Sleepy Beauty, frozen in time, hiding her personal story from curious visitors’ eyes. The most interesting spots in Budva are not so obvious, don’t draw attention and even if they do- they leave you wondering what it is all about. It is like treasure hunt, you have to be good hunter and explorer to find out more about Budva and its treasures. I will share with you some of them.

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Amazing off-road in Montenegro

There are so many places in Montenegro, unspoiled and almost unreal, but unknown among tourists. These places, by rule, lay somewhere hidden from the crowd, forgotten even by local people, covered by silence but filled with sounds of nature. They can be reached only off-road and this is the story about one of them…

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