Get to know me…

Graduated producer, Master of Economy, Marketing Specialist, Tour Manager & Tour guide in English and Russian…Enough with titles and degrees! I am an ordinary girl, in love with a homeland, who enjoys discovering and representing it.

I will share my experience and knowledge with you, hoping to make you understand my country better and make you love it as I do. I’ll give you another, unusual and personal perspective of Montenegro, it’s beauties, people and places. I will try for you all the things you would want to try while visiting my country and let you know my impressions. I’ll  write about things others don’t.

This is going to be the journey with a heart and we won’t spare it.  So explore it with me. Let’s laugh and cry together. Let’s share impressions and thoughts. Let’s enjoy and celebrate our opportunity to live, travel, meet, share, think, feel. Let’s do it.

This is me.

Hometown: Cetinje, the old royal capital of Montenegro, once the smallest capital in Europe.

Horoscope: Capricorn. But, after reading daily horoscope I could change my mind and become some other, depending which one is the best that day 🙂

Fan of: Montenegro, reading, movies, adventures, salsa, travelling, cats.

Love: to laugh, dance, meet people, chat, write, learn and try new things.

Know to: tell stories and jokes, dance traditional dance, market things and places.

If you have a will, follow me. Read me. If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to me at  fenix.ct@t-com.me