Budva Diving: The mysterious depths

Sea is my passion since childhood. But what kind of passion is superficial? Sea has its secrets, its depths and those depths wait to be discovered. Revive in encounter. Experience me. They were lucky.

The morning began with a small chat with diving lovers, members of Budva Diving. Among employees, there is a couple in their early twenties, who met and fell in love while diving. Interesting thing to hear, love can be born not only on the sea but in it 🙂 .

While waiting for other divers to join us…

Waiting for some divers to arrive, I was told that diving can’t be described by words or compared to anything. It sounded a bit pretentious. I couldn’t imagine how right they were. So I undertook not so easy task to describe my experience, which I can’t even name and not…

Our boat near St. Nicholas island, photo: Boyko Aleksandr

After a short drive by boat, we arrived to the island of St. Nicholas. During the boat ride, I found out I was the only one on board with no diving experience. The couple with a diving license quickly left us and moved to another location. There were also brother and sister on a course for divers, which will teach them to dive out of hobby without the help of instructors. And a very decent boy from Russia who was having the second dive and whose dad brought the drone to record everything by the eye of the camera. By this way, I thank him for some great photos and video clips from the air he shared with me.

Instructor Milan with course participants

And we begin … Instructor Milan holds a brief briefing … I need to remember everything, how to breathe, how to equalize the pressure, how to throw water out of the mask if it happens to come … All in detail and everything with a dose of humor. It’s easy for him. I’m overwhelmed and I say I’m ready. And I feel that I am impatient at the same time.

Milan explaining me the basics…

The next step is putting the equipment on. It looks complicated, but it’s not really. Or is it because of the professionalism, ease and speed of the team from the boat? While you said the biscuit, I was changed to unrecognizable, ready to dive into the unknown.

Still, it’s not as easy as it looks. I had to dive shortly at least three times to get used to the fact that I can breathe without problems deep under the water and overcome the fear that something will happen. It is a good practice to have an instructor near you all the time during this first dive, called “intro”. This definitely works and calms you down.

This is where I can’t recognize myself anymore
Before I will disappear from the surface

And finally, I went to the depths. I have to admit that I always thought the depths are terrible and dark because of unknown and the man is always afraid of what he doesn’t know. But no, on the contrary! Hear and hear! The depths are cheerful, magical and bright. I had the impression that I stepped into another world, new and warm … Or is it anyway known?

Actually, as Milan said, breathing exclusively on the mouth during diving returns us to a state when we breathe as babies in our mother’s womb. Perhaps that’s why it was not so unusual, so unknown, and a bit terrible as I thought it would be. It passed through my head that the sea was the cradle of life.

I came with my mind open, not knowing what to expect and with a slight tinge of fear, and my senses remained completely confused! First of all, there is the absence of every sound our brains habitually use and for a change, it was incredibly nice. Then, the feeling is almost a super-state comparable to that of the universe. All this accompanied by explosion of colors and shapes that fills your eyes!  I felt like Alice in Wonderland.

Have a look at it from the air…(drone of Boyko Aleksandr)

Fish, so close and so far. It seems they do not mind the presence of human beings, yet they remain elusive. Communication with the instructor, although non-verbal, is almost perfect. He shows an impressive fish Muraena, from a group of eels, hidden between underwater reefs. In addition to this, the most attractive sea creatures in this region are lobsters and octopuses. I was amazed by the flock of small, indigo blue fish around us at one time.

Photo: Diving Montenegro

A lot of shells. Sea Urchins, from which I was scared at first. The instructor shows me that we can cuddle them with our bare hand. There, now I can say that I was cuddling them, only that the feedback was missing. And then we pass through caves, long about 15m. Again a slight discomfort, but curiosity is stronger. Our underwater is not famous for the diversity of the fish fund as much as underwater landscapes, which are as beautiful as the ones on the mainland.

Just 25 minutes underwater was enough to fascinate me. It was short but sweet. I will quote Milan again: it’s like making love – long preparations and short pleasure. It was a part of the day being torn away from reality. It remains to be wondering, what is the pleasure like of those who dive longer and more often :-)?

Smile of joy after diving

This type of diving for beginners is more than affordable (35 € + 10 € for photos that you get right after the end of the dive). For more information about the types of diving, courses and other details, visit web site of Budva Diving. On this occasion, I would like to thank them for an extremely professional and cordial approach because without the atmosphere they are ready to make, diving would definitely not be the same!

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  1. My Dear Sanja. You certainly appeared to have enjoyed the experience but it is not something for me. Unlike you, I’m not a great lover of the water, other than a gentle stroll along the water’s edge getting my feet wet !!

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