How to get into town-hotel Saint Stefan

Me and my tourist Alan, visiting Saint Stefan in April


If you are staying along Budva Riviera, the best choice for get to Saint Stefan is by local bus line. Transportation enterprise is called Mediteran Express and their buses start from Olimpia (bus station near Old town Budva) with many stops along the way, you should just pick bus stop closest to your place (in direction of Saint Stefan) and wait for it. It leaves every half an hour from 6 am- 8 am. After 8 am till 10 pm they drive every 15 min  and afterwards every half an hour again till 01:30 am. Ticket price is 1,50 € in one direction. Taxi is also an option, just be shore to dial taxi company and not private taxi vehicle. If you like longer walks, you can always choose to walk there, but have in mind that distance between two places (Budva – St.Stefan) is 10 km.


There are two regimes, depending on time of year.

In winter time, one can get into St. Stefan twice a day (at 11 am and 2 pm) for 10 € per person and you probably don’t need to announce your arrival. Since town-hotel will probably be empty in that time, you will have a possibility to stay there longer and see more.

In summer time, beginning from May, excursions are also organized twice a day; at 11 am and 2 pm. They shouldn’t last too long (up to 30 min) so that clients of Hotel are not disturbed and to protect their right on privacy. Group should’t be smaller than 5 people or bigger than 15, for the same reason. Price per person is 20€ (for children 10€) and welcome drink is organized on a small square called Piazza with a nice restaurant area. You can just come at mentioned time and join the excursion, but just to be sure that you will get in, it is better to announce your coming, even as individual.


Contact details:

Tel:    (+382) 33 420 000

Eating on Saint Stefan

Having lunch or dinner at Saint Stefan is also a good idea if you want to explore Saint Stefan by yourself. This way you are not paying for entrance, but paying costs of having lunch/dinner there. It may cost between 50 and 200 € per two, depending on your choice. Light dinner/lunch which consists of salads or pizzas may cost app 50€ per two. You can also decide to have something else from menu or take suggestion-Set Menu which is about 100 € per person. In order to make reservation for dinner/lunch you may use same contact details.

Entering for free

This is only in special occasions- for religious holidays which are widely celebrated in Montenegro. It is the time when local priests have a service in the Church of Saint Stefan which for that occasion open for local people as well as tourists. It is possible to attend a service at Church from 8:30 am  till 10:00 am on following dates: the second day of Orthodox Christmas, the second day of Orthodox Easter, 12. July, 02. August, 19. August. This also means that you can get only to the Church with no possibility to explore the hotel further.


Even if you are not entering St. Stefan, its surrounding is perfectly charming. You may walk trough romantic Miločer park, full of exotic trees and olive groves. It is also known as “Royal park” for many facilities which served as summer residence of Yugoslav Royal family Karađorđević. These facilities nowadays also belong to Aman Resorts.


Hotel beach is the one north from St.Stefan. If you want to join hotel guests on the beach you will probably have to pay 80€ to hire 2 sun beds and sun shade. South from St. Stefan is public beach with cheapest set price (sun beds and sunshade) 15€.

Enjoy your St. Stefan time!

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