How to conquer Kotor town walls?

This is how your selfie will look like on the top

Conquering Kotor town walls is exciting and a little bit exhausting at the same time, but definitely worth doing. With these tips I will try to make it easier for you:

When to start?

In a summer time – either early in the morning or later in the evening. There is not much shade on the way and if you start in inappropriate time, you might get sun burns.  In the spring you may start later, even at  11 am and you will still have perfect view and a pleasant temperature.

View from the town walls in spring time

What to bring?

-comfortable and non-slippery shoes (unless you know to fly)

-bottle of water (if you forget it, no problem, unless you have forgotten your wallet too)

-sun cream (better to prevent than to heal)

-8 € per person for entrance (after I have done it once, one has to pay me for climbing next time 🙂

River Škurda and town walls

How long does it take?

45- 60 minutes to the top (with occasional stops) depending on your physical condition and some 30 min to go back. If you are time limited, you can get to a nice panorama spot after some 10-15 min and take lively photos of Kotor and the Bay. Beside of you, of course.

River Škurda and town walls at night, photo:

Possible trails?

You will find possible trails in the brochure, with relatively safe path, zone of increased risk and high risk zone, marked in different colors. It is recommended to start your walk from cat’s square near Northern Gate. Give cats some cradle and continue under the Arch. You will get to the only accessible part of the walls – the one with the Church along the way and it is strongly recommended to go back the same way. While going back, you can turn at Bastion of St. Triphon (number 9 on the map) and following safe blue path to get to the square of salads in Kotor if you had enough of the cats. This way you may start your walk at Northern Gate (at River Škurda) and end up at the Southern Gate (at Gurdić well) in a different part of the town.

Brochure with trails


On the way back use the same side of the town walls, otherwise you might get in trouble. Going back from the point 24 on the map using red path is reserved for professional climbers. Dangerous zones are also marked by signs along the way.

Also be careful while taking selfies and generally don’t get carried away while taking photos.

Happy walking 🙂

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