How to find ideal excursion for you in Montenegro?

Finding ideal excursion for you is like finding a perfect match-you have to be attracted by form and content. It has to have what you are looking for, or at least, the most of it. By giving you these short descriptions of excursions, hope I will help you make up your mind and find excursion which is just like made for you.

Mini Montenegro tour

This is one of the most popular tours and not without reason. You may expect to have a “drive of your life” along the hairpin bands, getting higher and higher up with more and more breathtaking view with every single band you pass! This is the view on the Bay of Boka Kotorska from the mountains, which is frequently described by our tourist as breathtaking. This road takes you to village Njeguši, known for production of local food specialties. Here you may discover the secret of producing exquisite ham and cheese and taste it immediately. After a snack, you will continue to Cetinje, on the other side of the mountain. A history of the country was written in this small charming town, practically a museum in the open air. On the way back, you will have spectacular view again-this time it is the view on the most beautiful Riviera in Montenegro from the bird’s perspective. Excursion also includes visit to Kotor, UNESCO site and must visit costal town in our country.

View on a Bay of Boka Kotorska, photo by @ninelly_

Maxi Montenegro

Basically, it is the same as the previous excursion with additional spot in the itinerary- visit to Mausoleum of Peter II Petrovic Njegoš on the top of the Mountain Lovćen ( our Holly Mountain). This Montenegrin ruler was the greatest Montenegro ever had, the one that left mark deep in national feeling and identity of local people. His mausoleum is impressive-situated high on the mountain, it is the highest grave of one ruler in Europe. To get there, one has to cross 461 steps! The prize for this effort is magnificent view on the most of the territory of the country. We love to say: if you haven’t climbed to the top of Mountain Lovćen, you haven’t really been to Montenegro. This is the reason why you must get there. But, have in mind that it is more for people without health problems and for fearless tourist who can stand to be as high as birds in the sky. Also, this visit might extend duration of your excursion.

Lovćen Mountain, photo by

Skadar Lake National Park

If you are nature lover, this might be a perfect excursion for you: relaxing and not too long. Skadar Lake is the biggest one in Balkans, so big that it has appearance of the sea! It is known for extremely beautiful, pure nature and rich fauna. This is true bird’s paradise, a place where you can find some rare kinds of birds like pelican, which is also a symbol of the lake. You will probably have a chance to explore Virpazar, starting point for cruises on lake and then enjoy boat ride in the scenic surrounding, especially in the time when water lilies make their nice, colorful carpet on the lake. Many islands on the lake with their mystical fortresses, ex prisons and monasteries are telling interesting stories about turbulent past of the area.  Around the lake one can find vivid fishermen settlements, some abandoned, some still alive. Enjoy swimming in the lake, sun tuning, cruising, bird watching and tasting of local specialties…  Forget about all your worries and turn of your mobile phone…you will charge not phone’s but your own batteries!

Skadar Lake, photo by @terudo


If you would like to see the best of Montenegro in one day, we are talking about this excursion. It will take you from south to the north in one day and you will get overall impression about diversity and beauty of this small country. You will be amazed how quickly different landscapes replace each other, each one better than the one before. North of the country is must see! Road will take you through two spectacular canyons, one of which is the deepest in Europe! You will also have time to visit some nice places along the way, like one of the oldest Montenegrin Monasteries-Morača. This excursion will also take you to the famous Tara Bridge, still one of the most beautiful in Europe. Use the opportunity to fly through the canyon on the European biggest and longest zip line- this will increase your adrenalin and you will have something to brag about at home. Further, road will take to Durmitor Mountain, which will fascinate you with its grandiosity, beautiful peaks, clean rivers and its mountain lakes. It is hard to count all advantages of this excursion, but be aware that the journey is long and you probably won’t have too much time to explore properly all the stops on the way. It might be a long day, but at the end of it you will say: it was worth it!

Tara Canyon, photo by @audricbezard


This should be short, half day excursion with sightseeing of the best medieval places Montenegro can offer. The glorious past of these coastal towns can still be recognized by looking at the exterior of the churches and palaces, architectural solutions and atmosphere you get while you walk trough towns. Especially Perast looks like frozen in time, with its dignified baroque look, romantic and unspoiled. You won’t be able to stop admiring two islands facing the town- both natural and artificial one. This excursion will take you to the manmade island with the most interesting Catholic Church in the Bay – Our Lady on the Rocks. Why, when and how did local people built this church? Where did the name come from?  How much time does it take to create an artificial island? So many mysteries waiting to be solved…


Boka Bay cruise

Sailing among mountains -how does it sound to you? Well, this is hard to describe, you have to feel yourself. Let me just tell that you will have a possibility to enjoy beautiful combination of sea and mountains in your sight and have sun tan while gentle breeze cools the air. Sailing along the coast will make you see all different, small and bigger places along the bay, some medieval, some of a recent date. This excursion gives you possibility to see and visit all attraction of the Bay which is listed in 25 most beautiful Bays in the world. Kotor and Perast are inevitable spots on this tour too, but this time excursion is going to take much longer. If the time and weather are right, you might also swim in the Blue cave with fluorescent blue sea color which will also make you look fluorescent while enjoying your swim in it!

Sailing in Boka, photo by @mrmonnet

Ostrog Monastery

If you are believer you definitely shouldn’t miss this place – a Monastery which is proof that man can do everything when he is armed with his faith and love of God. Situated high in the Ostrog Mountain, this Monastery impress with its exterior-it is carved into harsh Montenegrin rock high above sea level and for this it is called with right “Montenegrin Meteors”.  Inaccessible for conquistadors, it resisted for many centuries and became a cult place for Christians. It is so famous, that not only Orthodox, but also Catholics and Muslims can regularly be seen here, waiting for miracle to happen. And they happen often, thanks to a miracle making relics of St. Basil of Ostrog. This extraordinary 17 century Saint, known for his miraculous power of healing still helps everyone who needs it, no matter religion, nationality, skin or eyes color. Many people can testify about miracles which happened at his coffin. If you need to be encouraged, healed or just impressed by beauty of a place and filled with love, you should come here.

Monastery Ostrog, photo by @bozidar.v

Rafting on Tara River

Another long day worth living! Rafting is one of the best experiences for adrenalin addicted and nature lovers at the same time. It gives you a possibility to beat the river while actively participating in rafting along the longest and most beautiful river in Montenegro. River Tara made the deepest canyon in Europe, known for amazing views and crystal clean water which you can drink straight away. The surrounding nature will take your breath away: high cliffs covered with dense vegetation, mosaic of stones on the river bottom and many small and big waterfalls on the both sides of the canyon. While overcoming the rapids, you will also enjoy a sense of belonging to a team rowing on instructor’s command and probably compete with other boats along the way.  Somebody might start to sing, expecting you to join. Don’t refuse. This is a great way to relax and meet new people! Traditional breakfast and lunch are served at the Restaurant on a river bank, giving you possibility to steal some more precious moments with river.

Rafting on Tara river


The most southern coastal towns have undoubted charm for all visitors. Their old towns are not commercialized, not inhabited, but they stand as a witness of passed centuries and rich mixture of Easter and Western influences in the area. Old town Bar, being in ruins, was known as “Pompeii on the Eastern Adriatic”. Partly restored after earthquake, it still leaves the most to your imagination. On the other hand, old town Ulcinj was famous pirates place in the Middle Ages and center of slave’s trade. The story says that even Spanish writer Cervantes wrote his most famous work “Don Quixote” while being imprisoned here as a slave. Besides, you will probably have a chance to visit one of the oldest olive trees in the world (more than 2000 years old) in the vicinity of Bar and a beautiful river island called Ada Bojana near Ulcinj.  Ada is one of the pearls along the coast, known for the finest sand you can imagine and unspoiled nature.

Old town Ulcinj, photo by @catherinabellini

Jeep safari

Great excursion which I would recommend if you are staying at the north of the country and you want to get closer to the nature, experience life in the villages and eat tasty local food. Read more about it in my post 5 Must visit places in Montenegro under subheading Mountain Bjelasica.

Mountain Bjelasica, photo by @rale_p

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