What is ideal time to come to Montenegro?

Spring in Montenegro, Mountain Prokletije

To be clear – any time is good time to come to Montenegro. But, there are some more or less ideal periods for you to come, depending on your personal interests. Basically, our tourist offer is based on summer and winter season, since Montenegro has both high mountains and beautiful warm Adriatic Sea. One unusual phenomenon is present in the country from time to time: possibility to ski and swim in the same day. Don’t expect to have this regularly and plan your trip accordingly, since it all depends from weather conditions which can differ from one year to the other. All of this is possible since mountains are so close to the sea that one can start day by swimming on the coast and spend the rest of it by skiing in the first ski center, only 2 and half hours drive away from the coast.

Ideal time for sightseeing

If you are interesting in getting to know Montenegro better, its charming towns, friendly people and natural beauties, I warmly recommend “off (summer) season”: April, May, first half of June, September and October. Even though this period gives the best opportunity for sightseeing, the country is not overcrowded and the air temperature is just right! You can expect temperatures between 18 and 28 degrees, the air is pleasant and not dry. As every rule, this one also has exceptions, since we also experienced very warm offseason and very rainy summer months occasionally. In this period of time, accommodation is easier to find and the prices are affordable. Possibility to explore places without too many people on your way is one of the main advantages. The “downside” of this period is that you may find some nice places along the coast closed and the offer of Adrenalin activities in the open air could be reduced.

Summer in Montenegro, surroundings of Budva

Ideal time for swimming and having fun

Many people come to Montenegro for 3 S: sea, sand and sunshine. This is justified, since the sea temperature is 22-25 degrees in a summer time. If you prefer spending your time on some of 117 beautiful beaches in Montenegro, I recommend “the high or main summer season”: second half of June, July and August. In this period air temperature exceed 30 degrees, and sometimes goes even up to 40! This will give you possibility to have a nice sun tan, but have in mind that it is strongly recommended to avoid sun tanning in the period between 11 am and 16 pm. It would be better to book your holiday in advance, earlier- better, since prices are going higher in this period. I would say this time of year is ideal for youngster, young families and generally those who prefer having active holidays. There are plenty of beach bars and discotheques in the open air, wide choice of restaurants and activities as well, such as: paragliding, kite surfing, horse riding, diving etc. Good news is that you can combine your relaxing or active holiday with exploring the country; local agencies offer different excursions in this time of year also. In this case, be sure to book more days so that you can explore the country: at least 10 days are recommended. Bad news is that too many people, spending their holiday in Montenegro in the same time, in some places, can cause crowds on the street, full beaches and slowing down of traffic. This is, as I previously said, just in certain places along the coast.

Autumn in Montenegro, Lovćen Mountain, photo: Gagi Boričić

Ideal time for mountaineering

Montenegro is paradise for mountaineers. They often say that one life is not enough to see all the beauties of our nature while mountaineering. Mountains average here more than 2000 m in elevation, which makes Montenegro one of the most ragged terrains in Europe. Spectacular views while exploring our mountains you can enjoy from March till December, but preferably accompanied by a qualified guide. The reason is challenging terrain and weather which can change in mountains even several times a day, giving you another picture and atmosphere each time. It is always recommended to start with mountaineering early in the morning and to finish the activity before sunset. In the summer time, be sure to have sun creme with you and several layers of cloths on you. If you found yourself in Montenegro in winter time and you still want to experience some mountaineering, try along the coast – on a nice, sunny day you will have breathtaking views from high mountains in a hinterland of Boka Bay or charming towns along the coast.

One of the mountain peaks in Durmitor, photo: Gagi Borčić

Ideal time for skiing

Ski season in Montenegro last normally from December till end of March, or even April. High mountains on the north of the country are covered with deep snow (up to 2 meters or more) during the most of the winter season. There are two main ski centers in the country: in Kolašin, smaller but more modern and better equipped one and the other one in Žabljak, bigger and situated higher in the mountains. These towns have their specific charm, both in a winter and summer months. The area of Žabljak (Mount Durmitor) resembles Swiss Alps while the area around Kolašin has unique beauty, specific for Mount Bjelasica with its volcanic origin. In the same time, life on the coast is very calm, which gives you a possibility to get closer and mix with the local people in some of the bars which have their doors open till the next season.

Winter in Montenegro, ski center in Kolašin, photo: Vijesti.me

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