5 Must visit places in Montenegro

photo by Gagi Boričić

Somebody asked me recently which place is my favorite in Montenegro. I just couldn’t decide. It is not because I love my country so much that I can’t see it objectively any more. It is because nature was so generous to the country, that I feel so blessed to have a privilege to live here. As one of my tourist said, there is no bad place for a photo in Montenegro! You will always have a perfect background where ever you place you camera. This is true. I still picked out for you some places you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Montenegro. They are my favorite places.

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What is ideal time to come to Montenegro?

Spring in Montenegro, Mountain Prokletije

To be clear – any time is good time to come to Montenegro. But, there are some more or less ideal periods for you to come, depending on your personal interests. Basically, our tourist offer is based on summer and winter season, since Montenegro has both high mountains and beautiful warm Adriatic Sea. One unusual phenomenon is present in the country from time to time: possibility to ski and swim in the same day. Don’t expect to have this regularly and plan your trip accordingly, since it all depends from weather conditions which can differ from one year to the other. All of this is possible since mountains are so close to the sea that one can start day by swimming on the coast and spend the rest of it by skiing in the first ski center, only 2 and half hours drive away from the coast.

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Montenegrin national costume: one of the most beautiful in Europe!

Montenegrin female costume
Me in a national costume

Wow! This is always the first reaction of people when they see our tall men and women dancing in beautiful national costumes. I have noticed their admiration, traveling around the world as member of local folklore group. This is not surprising, having in mind that our national costume is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most expensive in Europe.

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Revealing the last secret in Europe

Peak Saddle, Mountain Durmitor, Montenegro
This is were God rests, photo: Gagi Boričić

If a God would leave a piece of Planet for him, would you go there and see it yourself?

One of my favorite legends goes like this: Once upon a time God created Planet Earth and people who should live on it. He was giving people certain areas to live in and when he thought he was finished, angels told him: “Dear God, there is still one small, but diligent nation, worth of your attention, you have forgotten about.” God’s eyebrows gathered, it started thundering and flashing all around. Big waves ruffled the sea and the strongest wind started to blow. And then, suddenly, everything stopped.  God said: “This is what I left for me and what I called Montenegro, let it be a home to this people and let them call themselves Montenegrins”.

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